Who We Serve

Our guests are often changing, depending on the needs on the island and what volunteers are available. Our programs are for ALL. Here is an example of the groups we serve on a regular basis


Family picture.jpg

At Home, it is our honor to be able to bring families out of refugee camps so they can sit together around a table and enjoy a special meal cooked just for them. One family we served contained 26 people - 3 generations, from 1 year old to 70 years old - all who share 2 tents inside Moria. Restoring this custom of eating around a table with their families is one of our biggest pleasures.

Unaccompanied Minors


It’s our honor to be one of the only NGOs on the island allowed to serve this very vulnerable group of refugees. Unaccompanied minors arrived on Lesvos without a parent or guardian, and are under 18 years old. They stay in supervised accommodations in the camp, and come to us with government security staff. We serve them food and create activities for them to give them a break from their everyday life inside the camp. 


Woman with nice vew.jpg

Women from Middle Eastern countries are often not comfortable dancing and playing when there are men around. For this reason, we occasionally host a women's only dinner, where they can sing and dance and break free of the pressures of daily life inside the camps. 



As one of the first responders to this crisis years ago, we have made deep connections with volunteers from NGOs throughout the island. It is our pleasure to serve volunteers from other organizations in any of our facilities - we are all in this together. We often have multiple NGOs using our facilities every week for their own projects or simply to relax and have a meal with us.


More guys playing guitar 4.jpg

Home for All teams up with Connect by Music, a Dutch based NGO that gives guitar lessons to refugees living inside Moria and Kera Tepe (another camp on the island). They use our facility for the lessons and practicing, and occasionally perform concerts. We are happy to provide our space and transportation to refugees connecting through music.

English Students

Girls taking the test 7.jpg

Many refugees are learning English using our Home 2 cafe with a teacher who is a refugee himself. We provide them logistical support, transportation, and the Home 2 facility, as well as volunteer support as needed. Once a week, the students come eat dinner with us too!

Single Men

Guys group picture.jpg

One population often overlooked in social services is single men. Offering support, recreation, food, and care to this underserved population is important to us. Several times a week, our groups consist only of men from inside Moria, and connecting with them is central to the work we do.

Local Greeks


 If someone needs help, and we can help, we do. We have many friends in the community who help us, and we also help them. Food, clothes, emotional support, friendship - we are here. Currently, we prepare meals daily for homeless Greeks and provide a community center and internet cafe where all are welcome.