What We Do

Together with their staff and friends, Nikos and Katerina created a community of locals, international volunteers, and refugees themselves who played a part in nights of guarding the coastline, donating clothes and shoes, and providing food. Later their work involved producing thousands of meals a week in their small restaurant, for distribution among the refugees around Moria, the first camp where refugees are detained upon arrival. However, it bothered them that they would then see people eating on the dirt, as if they were subhuman. This was not a system they wanted to be a part of. Instead, they began taking the refugees out of the camps to eat with them, as guests in their restaurant, family style. Now, the program has transitioned from a restaurant into a Greek NGO dedicated to giving refugees a break from the stresses of living inside camps and a home cooked meal served with dignity and care. This is the most important thing they do - treat their guests with love and dignity. As they say, “Food equals love, and so, we food you.”

Home for All serves many groups now, and the list is always changing, depending on the needs on the island. They have music classes and English classes, access to WiFi and computers. We have volunteers who play with children while adults relax, and volunteers who talk with adults and play games altogether. During the summer, their guests swim at a nearby beach. They even host special events, like weddings and family celebrations, birthday parties, and Women’s night. Home for All doesn’t just feed its community, it is also a support hub for families and community members. A gathering point for donations of goods and emotional support, Home for All has been an integral part of the island's well-earned reputation of offering a humanitarian aid during the refugee crisis that has crippled its economy. Whether it is in the form of giving clothes or baby carriers to new refugees on the island, or taking time away from the kitchen to offer a hug or a shoulder to lean on, HOME is more than just a restaurant. 


Home 1 - A Social/Charitable Kitchen.

This is the original location of Home for All, where our meals and recreation take place, along with music classes, swimming, and dancing.

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Home 2 - A Wifi Cafe

Located in the center of Mytilene, Home 2 offers anyone who comes by an opportunity to use our computers and wifi connection for free. We also have classes in this location.


Home 3 - A Yoga and Massage studio

We offer to volunteers from any NGO on the island, and local Greeks as well. We have yoga mats, massage tables, and a wonderful place to relax and regenerate some energy.


Home Cooking Classes

We offer culinary training to unaccompanied minors to help them gain skills and a pathway to employment. Students who are refugees learning about safety, sanitation, and food preparation which can help them find jobs wherever they go.

Here, everyone is family. There is no us or them, refugee, volunteer, or local. Everyone is invited while they are here to enjoy the beach, go for a swim, to dance, to make music or to warm yourself around the fireplace. One volunteer is even rumored to have fallen so in love with the place that she slept on Niko’s fishing boat in the harbor one night, just so she could wake up at Home.

Every day is different, every day is special. Join us at Home for All, and you will understand.