Delicious Food


Our cuisine changes with the season, offering fresh local food year round. Next to us is a fresh fish shop, and offer grilled or fried calamari, octopus, sardines, and more. We prepare a variety of home-cooked creations mixed with Greek classics, and serve our meals family style. Meals combine traditional fare like pan-seared feta cheese, numerous salads, chicken or pork souvlaki, french fries, and traditional cucumber and garlic tzatziki sauce (or red beet tzatziki) with Katerina’s own mouth watering creations of a variety of beans and spices, roasted chicken, fried peppers with garlic and vinegar, and the best zucchini and feta balls on the island.

Our cooks are creative and knowledgeable about different diets such as vegan or gluten free for all guests of HOME for ALL. 

Amazing People

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HOME for All hosts guests who visit from around the world helping with the local refugee crisis. Volunteers are a huge supporter of our business, and often meet here for a long meal after a day supporting refugees from the Middle East and Africa who are living in our communities. Each night, HOME for All hosts families of refugees from Moria Refugee Camp, providing a free meal for them and a chance to take a break from the stresses of living inside the camps.

At HOME for All, our guests connect with people from all walks of life from around the world. At Home for All
old friends come together and new friendships are made, every day again. You are welcome to join our love for live and food and become a volunteer and friend of HOME for All.

Great Location


Nikos and Katarina's HOME for All is located in the beautiful, small harbor Dipi about 12 minutes from Mytilene. We manage the Home Workshop around the corner. Nearby HOME for All is a delicious bakery and a beautiful beach where you can launch your kayak or go for a swim. During the winter season HOME for ALL is warmed by the cozy wood-burning fireplace.

Both indoor and outdoor seating is available. Outdoor seating overlooks the bay and the beautiful small boat harbor.

A truly memorable way to spend a day or evening. 

Come visit us!