Dining with Friends and a Supportive Community

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Dining With Dignity

Everyone is family at HOME. Whether you are a local out for an evening meal with family, on holiday, or a refugee awaiting asylum, everyone is served family style with home-made creations from our kitchen. Come to the table and share stories with us. We believe that food is love, and WE FOOD YOU!

We do not charge our guests. Donations are highly appreciated!

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A Supportive Community

HOME doesn’t just feed its customers, it is also a support hub for families and community members. A gathering point for donations of goods and emotional support, HOME has been an integral part of the island's well-earned reputation of offering a humanitarian aid during the refugee crisis that has crippled its economy. Whether it is in the form of giving clothes or baby carriers to new refugees on the island, or taking time away from the kitchen to offer a hug or a shoulder to lean on, HOME is more than just a restaurant.